Sell Digital Products & Subscriptions

Polar Tiers

You can seamlessly offer digital products, subscriptions and sponsorship with Polar.

We've built common developer upsells and automations so you don't have to:

  • Discord invites & roles
  • Private GitHub repository access
  • File downloads
  • Premium Newsletter content
  • Newsletter sponsorship
  • Custom
  • License keys (Soon)
  • Private Docker Containers (Soon)
  • Private Packages (Soon)

We also handle US Sales tax & EU VAT so you don't have to. Leave the boring stuff to us and stay focused on your passion.

Finally, our product and API is built fully open source and focused on the developer experience & ecosystem. Supporting easy & powerful integrations across your site, docs and services.

Customer Experience

Polar Page

Polar Page

You get a beautiful Polar page out of the box. Polar is an official GitHub funding.yaml option so you can link to this page on GitHub professionally.

Subscription Tiers Polar Tiers

Products (Pay once) Polar Products

Product Page Polar Products

Custom Design & Integrations

Custom Integration

Your Next Store is a great example of integrating the Polar API to offer a bespoke customer experience. Without having to build the boring stuff:

  • Checkout
  • Billing
  • VAT & Sales tax capture & remittance
  • Customer portal
  • Automation of benefits


Checkout Checkout


Branded & Overlay Checkout Coming Soon Currently, we offer the standard Stripe Session Checkout. However, we're currently working on a more custom checkout. Offer better branding capabilities for you and embedding an overlay directly on your site.

Customer Library & Portal

Customers can access their library and orders easily with Polar.

  • No tedious signup. Email magic link from guest checkouts.
  • Access to all their orders, invoices and accessing digital benefits

Customer Library

Customer Order Page

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