Reward Contributors

You can think of rewards as open source bounties, but don't worry - it's designed for maintainers and your communities for a change.

  • You are in full control
  • Your community pools funding towards an issue
  • You can promote funding towards specific issues
  • You can split the funding with contributor(s), i.e reward them
  • You can promote rewards publicly (Optional - more details below)
  • You can adjust rewards & add custom recipients when marking an issue as completed
  • Your GitHub issue thread stays focused on making progress vs. funding chatter

You can read more about our philosophy of empowering maintainers & their communities with Polar Rewards in our original blog post from the Rewards launch.

Promote Rewards (Optional)

Polar makes it easy to setup & promote an upfront reward to potential contributors within your community.

GitHub Issue with Polar Badge

Your public contributor reward (% of funding) is then shown upfront:

  • In the Polar Badge
  • On the funding page for the issue
  • On your Polar page, e.g{your-username/orgname}

Optimized to be shown within your existing community and with the right incentives. Combined with giving you complete control of how to promote it more broadly, e.g community Discord server, social media etc.

Instead of a public directory of bounties attracting the wrong incentives & drive-by contributors of varying quality.

Setup & Customize Public Rewards

Polar Badge Reward Setup

  1. Open the badge customization modal for the desired issue and goto the Rewards tab.

  2. Switch the Public rewards toggle to on (highlighted in blue)

  3. Customize the split in percentage you want to allocate to contributor(s) vs. yourself

    Default is 50/50, but you can offer contributors anything from 1% to 100%. Did you end up doing everything yourself? Don't worry, you can adjust this once the issue is completed before payouts.

You're done. Changes are saved automatically.

Boost reward

Have some prior funding you want to offer yourself to contributors? You can easily make your own pledge in the modal (invoice sent once issue is completed). This is by no means required, but a nice utility in the toolbox for those who want it.

  1. Enter the funding amount in USD you want to pledge yourself
  2. Click Pledge

Granting Rewards

Rewards can be shared once an issue has been marked as completed.