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Promote Funding

Below are our recommendations of how you can promote your usage of Polar and the ability for your community to fund impactful efforts.

Organic & contextual promotion via the Polar Badge on issues is fantastic, but the most successful maintainers have also promoted it proactively using the tactics below.

Issue Funding Badge

Just a sanity check: You've embedded the Polar Badge across your issues, right? 😉

Repository Embeds

We offer a few ways to promote issue funding on your repositories main page. It's a great place for organic promotion given the higher traffic volume.

Polar GitHub README Embeds Polar GitHub README Embeds

GitHub Sponsorship

You should add your public Polar page as a link under ways to Sponsor this project on GitHub. You can easily do this by adding/modifying a FUNDING.yml file in your repository's .github directory (default branch).

  1. Checkout the documentation on FUNDING.yml
  2. Add a new line to FUNDING.yml with:
custom: ["{your-username/orgname}"]

Readme Shield

Shields are lovely so Polar offers one of course 😍

<a href="{your-username/orgname}"><img src="{your-username/orgname}" /></a>

Readme: Fundable Issues SVG

We also offer an embeddable SVG highlighting top issues for funding - sorted by reactions and funding. A great way to promote specific funding within your

<a href="{your-username/orgname}"><img src="{your-username/orgname}" /></a>

Your own documentation or blog

Checkout our own GitHub Action which makes it super easy to integrate Polar and your fundable issues on your blog or in your documentation.

You could also use our API directly to build your own integrations.


Share your Polar page on your Mastodon, X/Twitter, Discord, Reddit or wherever your community is. You can also share links to the pledge page for specific issues.

We generate OG images that are relevant and more focused on funding vs. direct GitHub links to the issue.