Polar offers a powerful blog and email newsletter engine built-in.

  • Write in GitHub flavoured markdown
  • First-class code highlighting support
  • Write Free, Premium or Early Access posts
  • No extra costs. We currently offer it for free.

Our own blog & newsletter is powered by it.

Writing posts

You can easily write posts in GitHub Markdown.


... and preview them with ease. You can even share a private link for feedback.

Preview Post

Basic formatting

Full markdown support with GitHub flavours. See GitHub Markdown Documentation for a complete guide.

Code highlighting

Using Shiki, we support syntax highlighting for most languages out of the box - online and over email. Combined with offering easy clipboard copying for online readers.

def add(a: int, b: int) -> int:
      return a + b
  • Just wrap code in three backticks, e.g ```python [CODE] ```


We support admonitions too.


Friendly notice

> [!NOTE]
> Friendly notice

Tips and tricks are the foundation of engineering.

> [!TIP]
> Tips and tricks are the foundation of engineering.

Don't miss this information!

> Don't miss this information!

Keep away. There be dragons here.

> Keep away. There be dragons here.

Nope, nope and absolutely nope!

> Nope, nope and absolutely nope!


Write content within this tag that you want to make exclusive for paid subscribers. Free subscribers will see an option to upgrade instead.

Content behind the paywall that's only available to
subscribers of a paid tier with the "Premium newsletters"

<SubscribeNow />

The SubscribeNow element inserts a button in the content to non-subscribers reminding them that they should subscribe to you on Polar. The button is hidden for existing subscribers.

<SubscribeNow />


You're done writing and the preview looks great. It's time to publish.